Residential Pressure Washing

Premier Residential Pressure Washing Services
Across Phoenix & Scottsdale

If the exterior of your home has bird droppings, cobwebs, or covered in dirt, call Bravo Power Wash LLC today. We provide you with timely residential pressure washing services to help you get rid of all the dirt and debris from your home. As the leading pressure washing company operating in Phoenix and Scottsdale, there’s no home too difficult for us to clean.  Whether you have a single or multiple story home, we make sure that all external parts of your home will look clean and fresh.

We use low pressure and soft washing techniques when doing our services in order to keep the integrity of the exterior of your house. By doing so, we keep any surface from getting damaged during the process. And with our technicians having the right experience handling our pressure washers, you’re guaranteed results that are definitely worth your investment.



Residential Pressure Washing

Bravo Power Wash specializes in the removal of tough stains and stubborn substances from surfaces in residential homes and surrounding areas. With the use of a 250-degree steam at 3500psi, the months or years of stain and dirt built-up caused by paint, grease, oil, tire marks, and other substances are effectively removed. And with variable pressures available for our pressure washers, our services are applicable to practically any kind of surface.

Window Cleaning

No residential pressure washing company is ever complete without window cleaning services. Bravo Power Wash LLC’s window cleaners will clean your windows and leave you with spot-free glass that looks like the time it first got installed. and similar to the detergents that we use when we pressure wash, the chemicals we use on windows are also eco-friendly, ensuring that any grime build up is effectively removed without posing a threat to people or the environment.

And to complete the process, we also clean the window sills and screens on every job before we leave.




If you are ever in need of residential pressure washing professionals in Phoenix or Scottsdale who can also keep your windows clean and looking new, give Bravo Power Wash LLC a call at 623-330-9481. Our staff is more than willing to assist you with setting up a schedule at your most convenient time. We offer great discounts to our loyal customers who hire our company for both pressure washing and window cleaning services.